domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013


When I was 11 years old, I started listening to the music my dad listened to. He lent me a Lou Reed CD, along with a Pat Benatar, a special Rolling Stone album featuring famous female singers and bands, like The Runaways, and Jimi Hendrix CDs. I got all excited, I spent that whole afternoon singing & dancing "Walk on the Wild Side" on my bedroom, I felt special, like that feeling you get when you know you're into the right thing, and I couldn't stop grinning like a fool. The next week, I went with my mother to Madrid's street market and bought my first The Velvet Underground t-shirt; she hated it; my dad loved it and promised he was going to take me to a record store soon. After I finished my exams, he took me to buy my first The Velvet Underground CD. I put it in the car one afternoon, my sisters laughed because they thought it was 'music for old, boring people', my mother felt relieved because it was calmer than the Sex Pistols' songs that I was so obsessed with at that moment. 
I remember talking about The Velvet Underground at school, when my classmates didn't even know that band existed. I remember wearing that t-shirt at a summer camp, and how cool I felt. I remember studying to my finals while listening to The Velvet Underground in order to avoid headaches. I remember listening to Sunday Morning at 3 AM when I felt sad. 
I remember all the times and the things I've done & felt while listening to those songs. That band was there when I started growing up, when I begun to become myself. It gave a rhythm to my calmness, sadness and the times I felt alive. It means a lot and this has hit me hard in the face today, I'm not ready to let go of Lou, and I'm still trying to convince myself that even now he's gone, what he means for me is still there; I know it is and will always be, but it's just hard. This is not a goodbye, but a thank you; and beyond an "I'll miss you", it's a huge "I love you", for all that you are and for what I've become thanks to the songs, the memories and the feelings.
You'll always be a hero, Lou, you'll always be.

Rest  in peace, Lou.