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Staying positive through hard times

I'm pretty sure we can all agree this week has been hell. And don't get me wrong, it's still ongoing. We've had terrible news on the spand of only six days, first there were was the Boston Marathon bombings, then there was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Iran, a dead officer in MIT, an explosion in Texas and a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that has caused more than 100 deaths in China. Kay, now that we've made it through the list, let's not forget: we're still here.
Obviously, this doesn't apply to everyone on the planet, but if you're reading this: congratulations, you're alive. 
Now, there are lots of people who don't think like that. If I remember correctly, on the day of the Boston bombings, there were more tweets following the lines of  "I have lost all faith in humanity." than any other tweets. Of course, there were lots of #prayforboston but I didn't really see any "I will hug my family tight and appreciate my life a lot more tonight" which, as cheesy as it may sound, was kind of what I was thinking. (I mean obviously I didn't tweet it, I have a reputation as a very cynical sixteen year old to maintain, duh.) But you know what? I'm going to write about it now, because writing when you have been overthinking about a topic feels really cathartic sometimes, just letting it all out once and for all. Especially when the topic in question is as painful as this one.
I'm not going to use the "bad times help appreciate good times more" 'cause that can be applied to good and bad hair days, but it shouldn't be seen as an excuse for lost lives, that's just unsensitive. However, whether it's for better or worse, these situations tend to bring people together. It's amazing how much people can do, if they just realize it. There's this power in unity that kind of sneaks in and surprises you when you're least expecting it.
I guess when horrible things like this happen you can't avoid wondering the reasons that move these people, the motives behind their actions, but you never have to ask yourself why any of the persons that come forward to help in moments of need act that way. That really speaks about humanity, if you think about it. Personally, I feel like the connection between all of us, as humanity, as a whole, might be right there: in the empathy that helps you relate to other people that are in situations thousands, even millions of times worse. If that's not wonderful, I don't know what is.
When the biggest bombings in Madrid I can remember of happened, on March 11th 2004, I was but seven years old and I remember how they told me they happened in a train and that my best friend at the time lived near the train station. I had just got home and I was really really scared about my friend, so I called my dad, then I called my mom and I MADE them called my friend's parents. They called them of course, even though they knew nothing had happened, 'cause my friend lived near the train station but in like a one kilometer ratio. What I'm trying to get at is: catastrophes, big or small, affect us and that they usually have a negative effect on us.
During these times it's awfully difficult to stay positive, especially with the media's treatment of the news, the horrible images you're exposed to 24/7 and the constant conversation and sensationalism that surrounds the events.
However tough times make you look closer for little rays of sunshine that could make your day better. I've been reading "Pride and Prejudice" (as I hope the other Rookie club members have) which brings a smile to my lips instantly because of the number of times I've read it and the memories it brings me. I watched a couple of episodes of  "Twin Peaks" last night (I hope I don't have to explain how great this is to you or to anybody I mean it's fucking David Lynch) and I also had a great and exhausting day helping out in my school. I connected with a girl I barely knew and with whom I actually had lots of things in common with. I talked to new people and I laughed and I procrastinated a whole lot which is basically the description of a good day, if you ask me. I went back home with my sister and her friend and we talked about feminism and how they should always stay strong and clear about who they are which was great, considering my sister is leaving to Toronto for a whole year in September.
We've also had musical news this week, which I guess gave us something to look forward to everyday.
Here is Florence + the Machine's new song for the Great Gatsby's soundtrack:
And Daft Punk's new single:

In conclusion, this week's been shit but, if you ever feel the need to stop thinking about it take Amy's amazing advice and ust  take a break:

Or take mine (which is obviously worse because let's be realistic nobody's better than Amy Poehler) and remember that, even though humanity is clearly fucked up, we've created and continue to create some of the most beautiful things you have ever see or will ever be able to see. Take pleasure in those things, because they make life valuable and if you really do lose faith, remember that's probably what terrorists/bad people in general want to do. Don't give them what they want.

Stay positive!!


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  1. This is really beautiful and inspiring. Me encanta <3

  2. vuelve a subir el link a daft punk pls, the new song with pharell has me really excited. ah, y hola, teneis un seguidor accidental y random. keep up the good work haha

    1. Ayyy ¡Muchísimas gracias por comentar/leer/existir! Ahora que se ha filtrado justo todo el disco de Daft Punk vuelvo a subir el link :)